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BRIEF Solution Focused Summer School 2020

An intensive, multi-faceted learning event for solution focused practitioners at all levels to develop their skills and have fun in nearly equal measure. Since BRIEF was established in 1989 every year has seen a change in how we do and how we teach solution focused brief therapy. Thirty years on our passion is undimmed and our pursuit of a dynamic minimalism is as committed as ever. Year by year we have questioned every aspect of our practice and our thinking behind it, we have experimented by dropping what we think might be unnecessary, sometimes to return to what we have dropped and sometimes to leave it behind. A developing programme The exact content and shape of the week will be drafted much closer to the time and what actually happens will depend on the interactions between all involved. BRIEF’s training has always been participant-centred. We see solution focused brief therapy as a craft – something that can only be learned by doing and where each doing leads to new possibilities for practice. There is no end to what we know, only a continuing journey. What is certain is that the week will be packed with variety; it will be hard work, practical and fun. There will be: exercises, exercises and more exercises, taking the best from our vast and constantly replenishing repertoire of skill-developing activities. live therapy sessions with BRIEF clients coaching sessions with course participants discussion and debate about the many forms solution focused practice now takes Who can attend the Summer School? Anyone interested in the solution focused approach, who likes the idea of mixing with like-minded others from all over the world, and who fancies spending a week in London in August. Beginners and the most experienced solution focused practitioners are equally welcome. Extra-curricular activities We won’t crowd your free time but we will offer a few inexpensive social events: a meal out together, a guided city walk where we, who work here everyday, discover the hidden London, a pub evening, a riverside walk and plenty more things to suit everyone’s idea of a good time. Let us know if you have something you particularly want to do while you are here and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
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