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Mediation Advocacy Training for Barristers

The course is a 16-hour immersive mix of practical workshops, interactive teaching, and practical case studies in which course members will focus on enhancing and developing advocacy skills in the mediation environment supervised by experienced mediators and barristers. A focus on advanced negotiation and persuasion, psychology, and getting past 'no' within the context of the complex confidential and without prejudice environment of a mediation. The roles of the advocate here are distinguished from those in the court room and the JSM/round-table meeting and include insights into using and misusing the process, the mediator, and opportunities; preparation; strategies; and written skills. The course looks to at body language, persuasion of the client as well as the opponent, and the ethical issues that may challenge advocates. The standard pattern for the two days is: Day One: AM (09:15 to 13:15): Practical lectures, the role of the mediator and ethics PM(14:00 to 18:15): Demonstration, practical skills, and case studies Homework: Two hours reading, preparation, and reflective analysis Day Two: AM: Practical lectures, ethics, POCA. key texts, and case studies PM: Practical skills, body language, case studies; awards and personal debriefs Successful completion of this course will provide the course member with: The ability effectively to represent clients in most forms of mediation A full understanding of the role, duties, and ethics of all mediation participants A full toolkit of mediation negotiation skills and their academic foundations Higher-level skills in non-adversarial persuasion and negotiation techniques The opportunity to practice these skills under close coaching Preparation skills - both written and client focused Team planning skills - working with solicitors and direct access clients Certification as a Society of Mediators recognised mediation advocate Recognition by the Bar Council as having passed its approved course Personal feedback and development advice from skilled course tutors 16 hours of relevant CPD
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