Southwood Lane

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Homestay | Single room | Shared bathroom
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My small but comfortable house is located only 5 minutes from the historically interesting and well located Highgate village in north central London, which means fast and easy access to the central London hospitals and offices by tube and buses. 
I am also a short walk from Hampstead Heath with its spectacular views of Central London and for art lovers the world famous Kenwood House which contains an impressive and invaluable art collection of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Gainsborough paintings, to name a few.
There are a plethora of small shops, coffee shops, cafe's and restaurants all within easy reach of my house
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Only the approximate location is shown for security reasons. Full address details and directions will be provided once your booking has been confirmed.
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Wifi available
Shared bathroom
Light use of kitchen
No air conditioning
Own key provided