Become a host


Why choose us

We are a small company and get to know all our hosts personally.

The better we get to know you the more we can find guests to suit your accommodation so that both you and your guest have the best homestay or flat-let experience. You can specify whether you prefer long-term or short-term bookings, and make further specifications about the ages and gender of your prospective Guests if you feel it is important. You can also be flexible with the availability of your accommodation, and can request to be made ‘inactive’ or reduce your number of available rooms for any length of time.

We do all the hard work for you, from the initial photographs and building your microsite to the booking process itself.

The microsites that we build for our hosts are like mini websites; they showcase information and images about the accommodation you provide and are sent to prospective Guests without your contact details via a secure link from one of our bookers. A version of your mini website, without your contact details is also available on our website. 

We will build your site for you, with detailed information about your accommodation and locality, and offer you complete control to edit it at any time. The microsites are a great way to display a compelling view of your accommodation whilst maintaining your privacy.

When we receive a booking enquiry suited to your accommodation we will send the prospective Guest a 'pre-booking view' of your microsite, which hides all your personal information. If they are interested we will get in contact with you to request your availability, but it is up to you whether you proceed with that booking.

Only when you and the Guest have both confirmed that you are happy to proceed will your Guest be given access to the 'guest view' of your microsite, which reveals your full contact details and address.

How to apply

The first step of the application process is to get in contact and give us a call.

This provides us with an opportunity to discuss our rates and explain a bit more about ourselves as well as discovering more about your accommodation.

We will then guide you through the application process, making a personal visit to view your accommodation and meet you in person. Following a successful application  we will help you to build a personalised microsite to show your home at its best, giving you full editing capabilities so that you can make any amendments in the future. 

As part of the application process we will ask you whether you are happy to allow your microsite snapshot to appear on the search function of this website and for your microsite, without your personal details, to be visable. If you would like to opt out of either of these views you can do so at any time and we will not use your personal information in any way without your prior consent.