Our accommodation


Carefully selected accommodation

Whether you are staying for a few days or even a few months, our homestays and flats offer a homely atmosphere with the flexibility of temporary accommodation.

We take care to source homestay rooms, self-contained flats and bedsits in quiet residential areas within easy reach of public transport. And because we personally visit all the accommodation that we represent, we can ensure that what we offer is clean, comfortable, safe and conveniently located. We know that you won’t want to waste time travelling unnecessary distances and so we do our best to place you as close to your destination as possible and choose our properties with your needs in mind.

To request our services all you need to do is fill out our simple enquiry form and our bookers will get in touch. We will work with you to understand precisely what you are looking for at a price that matches your budget.

Choosing a homestay or flat

Our homestays are similar to a bed and breakfast, where you have a room in a private home and stay with a Host family who will provide you with a daily continental breakfast. We also offer apartments which are self-contained and offer you complete flexibility and independence. Or alternatively you could chose to stay in a bedsit, which is somewhere in between the two.
Each type of accommodation has its own advantages and are suited to a different kind of living environment. A homestay offers less privacy but the advantage of comfortable family environment, whereas the self-contained flats allow more flexibility and privacy but come with higher rates.


All of our homestays have wi-fi as standard and will offer a continental breakfast or kitchenette facilities for you to prepare your own morning meal. Your Host will also provide a regular change of bed linen plus a towel, however beyond this the level of facilities varies depending on your Host and what they can comfortably provide. Each accommodation is unique, and when offering any homestay we will always be clear on what the accommodation includes to set your expectations.

Many of our Hosts will offer light use of the kitchen so that you can heat up pre-prepared meals in the evenings and some will allow the use of other communal areas of their home and garden. You can request a shared or private bathroom, a room with a desk and chair, and specify if you need to be able to use your Host’s laundry and ironing facilities. If you have any specific requirements it is best to discuss this with your booker from the outset so that we can find you exactly what you are looking for.

We also have a selection of homestays which are set up similar to a bedsit. In this type of accommodation you have your own kitchenette facilities and private bathroom but you are still staying within your Host’s home. This scenario provides you with the best of both worlds as it allows a good degree of privacy and independence while still being reasonably priced.


We have a wide range of self-contained flats, ranging from small studios to larger apartments. Each of our flats are located in pleasant residential areas with excellent amenities and we will provide you with in-depth local knowledge on the surrounding area before you make your booking.
On arrival you will find that your flat is clean, warm and welcoming. All of our flats are fully furnished and well-equipped with wi-fi, cooking facilities, bed linen and towels included. Some flats can be provided with a weekly cleaner for an extra fee on arrangement, so please ask your booker if you would like to request this.
We know from experience that it can be difficult to find a reasonably priced flat for a short period without committing to a lease, and our flats can provide the perfect solution to this as we offer both long and short stay options. We offer reasonable rates which in most cases are inclusive of all bills, taxes and internet access.