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Psychology of Accomplishment

Some of us attain things that we do not value, and some of us fail to achieve what we do value. In both cases there is a sense of failure. Knowing how to choose suitable goals is as crucial as being able to accomplish them. During this weekend we will cover: Psychology of accomplishment The art of choosing a goal. What stops us from choosing the right goal and why we fail to accomplish the goal.The role of concentration, meditation and dreams in achieving our goal. Planning, motivation, sacrifice and completion. The role of perseverance and how to develop it. You will begin each day with a lecture of 1.5 hours duration introducing the themes of the weekend. For this you will join the main body of students training with CCPE. After a break you will join a small group for the rest of the day. This group will compose of others on the CPD programme and will be facilitated by a staff member of CCPE. These groups will provide a mix of teaching, exploration and experiential work that are intended to provide a holistic experience of the subject
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